We are ready to host your class here at the Southeastern Training Group range! As life long students, we like to train also and are always open to new training opportunities and bringing them to the South East portion of the U.S.

For instructors bringing classes in, we offer full use of the range facilities to include on site lockable storage located conveniently near the parking area at the range. We do NOT offer storage of weapons, however we can store ammo, range supplies, etc. for your class. You can ship range supplies and other items (non firearm) to us and we can have them sitting ready at the range for your arrival.

If you’d prefer to just “arrive and teach”- we have range supplies- cardboard backers, paper targets and misc. range supplies always available at the range and we can put these in use for you as part of your hosting package. Given enough warning, we can help provide range set up as well. We also have instructors that can act as additional range help if needed as well.

We have a large email list of students from all over the U.S. but particularly the southeast who have trained with us here and we are happy to help promote your class to them also via our email list- we do NOT share this email list with other instructors but will email them ourselves to let them know of other training opportunities at our range.

Hosting gives you full access to the “square range” area, outdoor classroom, distance ranges, woods ranges as well as the new 2 story FOF/FOT training house and 800 sq. foot mat room for combatives and Force on force training. Additional services offered include complete range set up prior to class as well as a small compliment of trained OPFOR/role players for force on force training.

Feel free to email us to discuss possibilities of hosting your training class here- robert@jrhenterprises.com