Refer to any specific class information you are sent by your instructor. But these are some general thoughts on what to bring and some are specific to our range.

The range location is very rural. As such there is absolutely nothing in the general area. In other words you won’t be able to “run out” to lunch and will need to bring lunch with you. The closest convenience store is approximately 20 minutes away, plan accordingly. There are no ATMs around so be sure to plan ahead bringing cash for range fees and to pay your instructor. There is not a “pro shop” at the range itself but we MAY have extras of gear you can borrow if need be.

Some general things to bring to class:

Everything your instructor informed you to bring.

Water, snacks, lunch or dinner (depending on day/night class). Support equipment for your rifle/pistol. Lubricant for weapons. Sunscreen, hat, electronic ear protection, eye protection (you cannot shoot at the range without eye and ear pro). The range has areas that can be a little wet at various times of the year, proper footwear is important. April through September is usually very hot at the range and the “square range” area has little shade, plan accordingly.