The Southeastern Training Group (SETG) range complex stretches over approximately 50 acres. The main range area features a large “square range” area that can accommodate 14 shooters on line.

The large area of the “square range” allows ample space for movement drills, working in and around vehicles, team movement drills, etc.

25 yards behind the target racks is a large open air covered building for training in inclement weather and also offers a central location for admin tasks, breaks in classes, etc.

The square range area is just about 40 yards from a general parking area for students, making unloading of gear quick and easy with plenty of space under the covered building for gear storage.

A small conex container near this area allows convenient lockable storage of range supplies, targets, etc. We maintain extras of electronic ear protection, eye protection and other gear there in case students forget these items for class. While rarely needed, we even have extra IR illumination set up on the range building for night vision classes. A dedicated open air classroom area is also available with a 12 foot dry erase board and chairs for seating, located 25 yards from the general parking area and near the porta potty.

Distance shooting out to 400 yards is available in the main range area. Target berms and various sized steel targets at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards allow the shooter to get out there on various sized steel targets which can be easily replaced with paper or cardboard targets. A raised deck built on top of a small Conex container allows 2 man spot and shoot drills and distance shooting out to 400 yards and defense of position drills.

An unknown distance/spot and shoot range is accomplished in this area also via small camoflaged steel target as well as with six ATS PTS61A pop up targets that can be remotely controlled to pop up on command, stay down once hit or continue to pop back up after being hit. These are utilized from 50 out to 400 yards.

Approximately 30 acres of wooded area allows for “jungle lane” type training, force on force and force on target training as well as live fire into the large bermed areas.

In 2023 we were able to acquire a long term lease of a house on land connected to the range property. We will be renovating this to provide a force on force (airsoft and UTM) house for CQB. In addition this structure will allow an indoor classroom area as well as approximately 800 sq feet of mats for combatives training. As of August 2023 a dedicated mat room in this structure has been completed for use. This will allow us to have a dedicated space for our classes such as “Down but not out”- ground fighting for gun guys as well as other combatives classes.

This structure offers many possibilities for practicing clearing- stairs, T intersections of hallways and a large number of rooms with both center fed and corner fed doorways.

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