Upcoming classes:

SHTF Carbine training class January 12-14, 2024  SETG Range  Alma, GA area.

Our popular 3 day intensive rifle/carbine training class.

We will begin Friday around noon with a tune up of marksmanship skills, building a position, proper structure, breathing, trigger control and recoil management. Students are expected to bring a zeroed rifle/optic but we will also spend a little time working on that zero and checking it at 100 yards. From there we move out to 200, 300 and 400 yard engagements.

Friday night there will be a short night shoot to introduce students to fighting at night with your rifle. You do NOT need night vision for this part of class, we will teach you how to shoot without it at night.

Saturday we hit the ground running focusing on optimal body structure for movement, making your movement more efficient, proper scanning and AAR, reloading under duress, malfunction drills and positional changes. As we do in all our classes, we will focus on ambidextrous gun handling. Shoulder transfers of various types will be demonstrated and practiced. Working cover, proper use of space, slicing the pie and drop outs, both right and left handed. Transition to pistol will be covered with several options taught and practiced, not just the standard gun school one option. Learn to shoot, handle reloads and malfunctions while moving.

Sunday you will learn to work off the ground with a rifle, the fight does not stop if you are on the ground, you will learn to fight, move, reload and function on a lower platform. We will end the day with a “round Robin” series of exercises that include a two man spot and shoot exercise from “the perch” locating and engaging hidden targets at distances from 50 yard out to 400 yards and jungle lane exercises where students will move through a jungle lane trail finding and engaging small camouflaged targets. Being able to FIND and HIT your targets, a most valuable “SHTF carbine” skill.

February 16/17, 2024 Midnight Rendezvous 1.0 and 2.0 Night vision/carbine training combo class

Our most popular class features roughly 2 days of night vision, carbine and pistol training. We start during the day in order to allow students to learn these skills during daylight without the added pressure of having limited sensory input. Once it gets dark we go right into the night phase of training. Each skill is “mirrored” by being first taught during the day so students have a chance to practice it during daylight, and then is repeated again at night under Night vision. Student feedback tells us that this format of day and night training on the skills really helps reinforce the skills presented. Not your typical carbine or NV class… We present this class once a year in the late winter/early spring and once a year in the fall.

Rental gear consisting of a NV device, helmet and mount and rifle with an IR laser is available as well. Learn more and register at the link below-

March 2-3, 2024 Midnight Rendezvous 3.0/4.0 combo

Restricted class. Open only to recent students from MR 1.0/2.0 Email us first before registering to check eligibility.

Not open to just anyone, we have to have had you in class recently, we have to know you are 100% safe and competent with your weapons handling, hence you cannot just “skip” to this class without completing the others first. You will need to be physically able to move quickly without running short distances, be able to get up and down off the ground safely, etc. We reserve the right to refuse registrations to any student we feel isn’t ready for this type of training.

March 23/24, 2024 Down But Not Out- ground fighting for gun guys- with Optional Friday “Intro to knife defense”

A serious student of violence must be well rounded in many aspects of fighting. If you carry a weapon for self defense you have a responsibility to be trained in it’s use. In addition, you should have other “tools in the tool box” other than simply a hammer. Too often though, the sad fact is that “gun guys” are the ones the avoid physical and combatives training. Some mistakenly believe that just them “having” a pistol on them will somehow keep them free from danger. However your CCW is not a “magic wand” that will keep you out of, or get you cleanly out of a bad situation.

It’s extremely easy to disarm a pistol from someone (come to class if you have doubts) and many situations will require you to go “hands on” prior to even getting the opportunity to access your handgun or knife.

Too often a fight will go to the ground. The ground can be our ally or our worst enemy depending on how much training and experience we have fighting on the ground.

“The ground is water, we are like sharks and most people can’t swim” is a saying in the grappling world and it can’t be more true. In brings home the reality of ground fighting. Experience will rule the day.

We invite you to come and start your journey by learning to swim!

SHTF Pistol training class- May 3-5, 2024

Get a new take on handgun training.

SHTF pistol begins Friday afternoon on the square range fixing common problems with the basics of grip, drawstroke, sight alignment and trigger control. We move on from there to reload drills and malfunction drills. Scanning drills, engaging multiple targets and proper AA drills are emphasized.  As soon as it gets dark we break out the flashlights and work search techniques with flashlights as well as an extended session shooting with a flashlight.

Day 2 we look at compression and extension drills, proper use of space and the creation thereof. One handed work to include magazine changes and malfunction drills. Ambidextrous gun handling is stressed throughout as we do in all of our classes. Movement drills increase in complexity as the day progresses. Working from concealed carry we look at multiple options to help facilitate draw from concealment. Use of cover, correct use of space, slicing the pie and drop outs round out the day.

Day 3 is all done with NO live ammo in our 2 story force on force training house. You will have a chance to work inside a real house that has some complex clearing problems including stairs, T intersections and tons of rooms to clear. First you will do this force on target against targets inside the house. Later you will get a chance to work against live role players utilizing gas airsoft guns in various force on force (FOF) scenarios set up to test both your verbal skills and your gun handling skills. You will have a chance to put in play the gun handling and close quarters skills you learned during the previous two days in live simulations. For Day 3 we will supply you a gas airsoft pistol for training inside the FOF house, however if you have a similar pistol you are welcome to bring it. Students will be required to wear protective eye wear during this day of training.